Mum-Of-Two In Tears When School Refused Her Entry To Daughter’s Nativity Because She Had Baby With Her


A widowed mum-of-two broke down in tears when he was refused entry to her daughter’s first nativity, because she had her baby with her.

Gemma O’Reilly was let down by her babysitter last minute and begged teachers to make an exception so she could watch daughter Bella on stage.

But the 26-year-old claims the teacher stood with her arm across the door and told her “no exceptions”, with the school later confirming the policy had been in place for eight years.

Bella’s dad Durrell Odusina, 23, died due to heart failure in 2014, when the tot was just two years old.

Gemma O’Reilly was not allowed to her daughter’s nativity
When care worker Gemma asked for an explanation, she was told that Broadmeadow Infant School did not allow children to attend the nativity play.

She broke the news to Bella, five, who burst into tears when she realised her mum would not see her perform as a donkey in the production.

Gemma, of King’s Norton, Birmingham, said: “I cried myself. I’ve never missed anything my children do.

“I’m her only parent as her dad isn’t around anymore. I try my best to get to everything. This is the first thing I’ve missed and that’s why I cried.”

Gemma arrived at the school to watch the play on Tuesday at 9am with 10-month-old Preston in her arms as her babysitter had dropped out at the last moment.

She said: “My babysitter told me that his day job had asked him to come in so he couldn’t watch Preston.”

But as she walked into the school hall, a teacher stopped her and told her she wouldn’t be allowed to watch the play with Preston.

Gemma was with Preston when she was told she wasn’t allowed in (Image: Gemma O’Reilly /
Bella was left in tears (Image: Gemma O’Reilly /
She was due to be the donkey in the nativity (Image: Gemma O’Reilly /
She recalled: “The teacher on the door told me that children weren’t allowed in.

“I pleaded with her and explained this was the only day I could do due to my job and that my babysitter had cancelled on me.

“I asked her to make an exception but she put her arms across the door and said: ‘No children, I’m making no exceptions.'”

When Gemma asked for tickets for another day so her mother could watch Bella, she was told there were none left.

She claimed: “They told me, ‘There are none left’. When I asked for an explanation as to why kids couldn’t watch the play, they just said it was school policy.”

She added: “[Bella] couldn’t stop crying. She had been so excited about me seeing the play. She’d spent hours practising at home.

“I just can’t believe a primary school would behave like this at Christmas.”

A spokesman for the school said: “A policy that no babies and toddlers attend the Christmas nativity play has been in place for eight years.

“This is due to capacity and not disrupting the children performing. There have been no problems with this policy before.”